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A New Wave of Asset Managment on the Horizon

The ultimate goal of value creation must be:
To find and support the winners of tomorrow while in the same process profiting from the downfall of companies that destroy shareholder value


The Fund targets uncorrelated and absolute market returns utilising investments with asymmetrical risk/return profiles.

To educate and communicate with our investors using the latest technology. In doing so, we build the trust and confidence necessary for clients to appoint Asymmetry with the responsibility of managing their assets sustainably while ensuring growth above all. Asymmetry understands the necessity for its clients to comprehend the value creation process.

Asymmetry strives to be the end-to-end investment education and asset management destination for investors globally.

Asymmetry A Fund

While this is possible, it may not be a likely outcome given the need to hedge positions in the portfolio. This strategy is executed to protect the growth achieved and lock in profits. Specifically, it is where the risk of a surprise in the market breaches a level with which the fund manager is comfortable. Therefore, this may translate into returns below the equity market returns. For example, during periods toward the end of a strong bull market rally.

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We found ourselves asking: What has changed in the world? Which assumptions do people make that are no longer true? Why does it feel like everything is speeding up?

The fact is, a lot has changed. Yet, when I look at the financial services industry in South Africa - very little has changed.

Secondly, what are clients/investors offered that is new, better or faster – surely the same should be happening to one’s investments? Surely, investment strategies should be adjusting to a new environment?