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There must be some way out of here? Can anybody hear me?

Arguably, the performance generated by fund managers is a “financial” commodity given the array of funds available to investors. Fund managers form an integral role in the development and improvement of life on this planet. They decide how the valuable savings or resources of a population are allocated for growth and development. Asymmetry views this as a massively responsible role in society. Therefore, over and above performance, it is Asymmetry’s mission and commitment to its investors to:

We believe both of these elements will lead to lower costs for our clients in the financial services industry.

Asymmetry Differentiators through Investor Communication

What to expect:

Weekly: Information snippets both educational and/or news-based that Asymmetry believes our investors will find interesting. This serves to provide good discussion points for you and your wealth managers. The format will vary from instant messages, email to website notifications specific to each client.

Monthly: Information fund fact sheets (on or before the 15th of the month) – these will contain the industry standard information for investors to make industry-wide comparisons as well as added information pertaining to the performance of certain individual strategies.

Quarterly Letter: Feedback from the previous quarter (Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct). Clients will receive an overview of current market conditions and outlook for the coming quarter as well as a discussion on market trends and longer term plays or themes the Fund is focusing on.

Asymmetry uses technology as far as possible to increase communication and touch points with its clients. This is achieved through:

Personal Access to Private Equity Opportunities

Asymmetry Asset Management is involved in a number of private equity opportunities that overlap with our 2-5 year investment themes. The driver here is that many of the opportunities to gain exposure to these themes are still at the private equity phase of development in certain industries. Therefore, Asymmetry AM will seek to involve its investors in the fund into these private equity opportunities, either through the fund or through a consortium of investors through their personal capacities in some shape or form.